Clio “Carambolage, in duo with Alex Beaupain” – it’s time for me to give my passion for French music its due place here again. The singer Clio, who I’ve been following for a while, is releasing a new album at the end of the month and has released a wonderful pre-single from it. A languid ballad with a very French flair and charm. C’est si bon!

lical «nyctalopia» – As you know, I currently have an even greater soft spot for Japanese music, and so as a stark contrast to Lio, I would like to introduce you to a band that offers elements of MathRock, but would be somewhere in the area of ​​experimental indie rock, at least from a Western perspective. For the Japanese, however, these are not such unusual sounds. I’m really into it now. Unfortunately, nothing has been heard from the band for 3 years.


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