New Line Cinema y Warner Bros. prepare the audience for the theatrical release of the horror thriller The Watchers of Ishana Night Shyamalandaughter of the filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Signals), who will debut as a feature film director and screenwriter with this project.

The studios continue the marketing campaign by releasing two new glimpses focused on the protagonist Dakota Fanning (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Little Miss Sunshine), who is in danger judging by his body language and facial expressions.

The glimpses shared by Fandango and by Total Filmyou find them at the end of this note.

Regarding her inspiration for her debut feature, Ishana Shyamalan told Total Film that she acquired it from growing up on her father's film sets:

“In fact, [mi padre] “He filmed a lot of the second unit of my movie, so it was a really wonderful role reversal.”

The rest of the main cast is made up of Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Oliver Finnegan (Outlander), y Olwen Fouéré (The Northman, The Tourist).


The film follows Mina (Fanning), a 28-year-old artist, who becomes stranded in a vast virgin forest in the west of Ireland. When Mina finds shelter, she unknowingly becomes trapped alongside three strangers who are watched and stalked by mysterious creatures every night.

The plot is based on the novel written by AM Shine.

Night Shyamalan produces alongside Ashwin Rajan and Nimitt Mankad, with executive producers Jo Homewood and Stephen Dembitzer.

Ishana Night Shyamalan previously directed six episodes of Apple and M. Night Shyamalan's original series, Servantof which he also wrote ten episodes, and co-produced twenty of them.

The Watcherswhich is titled in our market Observedwill be released in theaters June 7, 2024.

New glimpses:


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