Dan Trachtenbergdirector of the acclaimed horror thrillers Prey y 10 Cloverfield Lanewill head to the Upside Down in his next project, as reached an agreement with Netflix to direct an episode Stranger Things 5the final season of the streamer’s popular original series.

Through its official site, Netflix revealed, “It is not yet known which episode the director will direct”.

The final season of Stranger Things is currently on hiatus due to the Hollywood writers’ strike, who are fighting for fair wages.

Last May, the series’ co-creators, the Duffer Brothers, announced that they had begun writing the script for the final season, but that they would not start filming until after the strike ended: “We hope that a fair agreement is reached soon so that we can all return to work. Until then, over and out.”

season 5 of Stranger Things it will be the last. There is no confirmed release date on Netflix.

In recent weeks the great signing of Linda Hamilton for season 5, without revealing details about her character. Will he be to help in the fight against Vecna ​​or will he be on the opposite side? Bets open. “I don’t know how to be a fangirl and an actress at the same time. I’ll work on that,” The actress commented on her signing.

Hamilton is mostly recognized for her role in the franchise. Terminator by James Cameron, where she played the iconic Sarah Connor.

Previously, the Duffer brothers revealed that they will be using discarded concepts and ideas from the second season, which were salvaged and integrated into the final season:

“[La temporada 5], as we see it, is kind of the culmination of all the seasons, so it has a little bit of each. Whereas before each season was so different… [Temporada] 3 is our big monster summer blockbuster, and [la Temporada] 4 was psychological horror. I think what we’re trying to do is go back to 1st, starting a little bit, in a 1st kind of tone.”

And for all the fans of the series who are regretting the end of it, we remind you that in recent months, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers announced that they will be expanding the world of Stranger Things with an animated spinoff series.

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