This post about Liaisons Dangereuses could only be about “Los niños del parque”, the absurdity committed by Beate Bartel and Chrislo Haas that envisioned the future of electronic dance music in 1981 and remains one of the most influential songs of all time.

But then it would be to belittle the work of the two, who before signing as Liaisons worked together under the nickname CHBB and yes, had already broken the time barrier with 4 cassette tapes produced shortly before inviting vocalist Krishna Goineau to officially form LD.

And just like their primordial project, in addition to being a reference for practically everything that was later produced by machine-men (from EBM and industrial to electro and house/techno), Liaisons Dangereuses was short-lived and this single and homonymous album of theirs is also a collected from 4 cassettes of 10 minutes each put together and released as an album in 1981, then re-released in 1985 and finally as a CD in 2003.

In terms of ‘let’s go to pixxxta’, in addition to the aforementioned “Los niños del parque” there is also the prototype of the electro-anything “Peut être…pas”, but besides that, it’s worth picking up on the record what is outside the ‘rebolado parameter’ : its dark, rigid and experimental verve, key point for much of the off-the-curve post-punk made from then on.

In short, wherever you look, Dangerous Liaisons it’s a pivotal moment in contemporary music. But you can just say it sucks. Because it is.

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