Another of the studios that visited CinemaCon 2022 was Paramount Pictureswhich presented many news about its upcoming projects.

Among them, he revealed that A Quiet Place: Day Oneis the official title of the spinoff of the horror franchise A Quiet Place, who, last January confirmed to Michael Sarnoski as director. And as the title of it indicates, it would be a prequel. The spinoff has fixed its theatrical release for September 22, 2023 (via Fandango).

We tell you that Sarnoski is directing the revenge drama Pig starring Nicholas Cage. The filmmaker took the directorial spot vacated by Jeff Nichols in October 2021.


What do we know about the spinoff? The fact that At first it was thought that it would be a new sequel, A Quiet Place 3it was later revealed that it will actually be a spinoff based on an idea by Krasinski.

The studio wants the movie to start a universe A Quiet Place that of step to other future deliveries:

Not much else is known about this project, apart from the fact that it is not a third part but a spin-off.based on an idea by John Krasinskiwho directed and starred in the first two films. The hope is that this movie will help set up a potential A Quiet Place universe. that the study can build in the coming years.

It is also known that, although not ruled out, it is likely that Emily Blunt and Krasinski do not repeat their roles in this installment.”

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce the spinoff through their Platinum Dunes banner, alongside Krasinski with his Sunday Night banner and Allyson Seeger as executive producer.


The plot of the original tape A Quiet Placetitled a silent place in the Spanish-speaking market, it takes place on a farm isolated from all civilization in the United States, where the Abbott family seeks to survive the harassment of monstrous presences. The Abbotts, at all costs and at all times, must remain silent to protect themselves from the predators that stalk the forests.

a quiet place part 2 (original title A Quiet Place Part II), resumes its plot moments after the conclusion of its predecessor. Also, explore how society collapsed after the arrival of the mysterious and monstrous creatures. The sequel grossed $57 million at the domestic box office, and $297 million at the global box office.


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