A few minutes ago it was announced that the theatrical release of Deadpool 3, set for May 3, 2024, will not be able to happen as 20th Century Studios had planned. This following the strike of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) that produced a massive stoppage in filming last July.

The filming of Deadpool 3 by the director Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, The Adam Project, Free Guy), had completed half of filming when it was interrupted.

According to Deadline reports, even if the strike were to end within the next few weeks, Deadpool 3 It would not be able to finish the missing half of its filming in time to hit theaters in May 2024.

A couple of weeks ago, the Screen Actors Guild resumed negotiations for a new agreement with the studios (AMPTP), however a common point could not be reached due to the rejection that the AMPTP made of the proposal presented by SAG-AFTRA , which was not counteracted by the producers and studios. Talks hit a roadblock on key issues, including the guild’s demand that cast members of a production receive a share of the revenue generated by streaming those productions.

Deadpool 3 has Ryan Reynoldsand the great returns of Hugh Jackman in his return as Wolverine, and that of Jennifer Garner like Elektra, a character she played in Daredevil (2003) and last time in the 2005 solo spinoff.

In one of the images shared of Jackman on the set, he was seen in full characterization wearing the classic Wolverine costume, in yellow and blue, one that had never been used by the actor in his previous interpretations of the superhero, so at the same time It seems this will be another version of the same, agreeing with past statements made by the actor, in which he assured that his participation in the most recent sequel to Deadpool I wouldn’t spoil Logan (2017), which portrayed Wolverine’s conclusion with his death.

The sequel will be the first installment of the saga to be released by the Walt Disney Company, following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, although this will not alter the Rated R that has characterized the saga, according to statements by Levy and the co-writers Rhett Reese y Paul Wernick (Deadpool y Deadpool 2, Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap, Ghosted).

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