A spritz always works, right? If you want to let the summer drink into your life in a different way: A party series in Leipzig is called Disco Sprizz (with zz) and promises to be “the happy, sparkling feeling of a refreshing Aperol Spritz in the form of a party”. We met Anka, founder:in the series, while doing her nails.

A day at the nail salon. Yes, the text starts like this (no worries, everything is correct, read on). The Sex Nails Studio on Kollonadenstrasse is a popular place to express (positive) eccentricity on your fingernails. And you often meet people from the nightlife there (how fitting), “DJ nails” are a thing. Although I mainly type on keyboards, I also get my nails done there (it’s not a hindrance).

On this rainy Friday, the file is (again) working on former nail structures, two people sitting in a row. It hums a little, music is playing in the background. And you start chatting, imagine, what are you doing, oh show me, hot nails, what are you doing today? You know that.

Anka aka bad:belle is sitting next to me that day and I unintentionally listen to what Anka is saying about their party series. Well, as a glad-journey editor, I can’t really help but ask. This is how I came to Disco Sprizz and Disco Sprizz came to me. And herewith also to you. Enjoy!

ff: Tell me: What is Disco Sprizz?

Anka: Disco Sprizz, that’s sweet vibes, a good mood and the happy, sparkling feeling of a refreshing Aperol Spritz in the form of a party. The party series was only recently launched. The opening event was on July 8th, 2023 at Even Better Life and then it continued at Pixi on September 8th, 23rd, the next time will be on October 27th, 2023 at Oskar.

What gap are you filling with the event?

It’s a party by FLINTAS for FLINTAS and for the queer community (allies welcome) away from the usual techno, with a focus on groovy, bouncy genres. Mainly the crowd can expect disco, house, and occasionally hip-hop or breaks. In addition, there should always be drag shows.

Which locations and residents are at the core of your series?

Since the series is new, a team and a regular location still have to be formed. So far the DJs and the clubs are changing. Musically, it’s important to me to show different DJs. But maybe it would be good to have a residency at a club long term. So far I’ve been taking care of the organization, booking and artist care myself, and I’m DJing every time. Lili Alexander will perform as a drag queen for the second time at the end of October.

So there are a few regularities. We’ll come back to the organizational work in a moment, but first: How did you come up with the idea, what motivates you and drives you?

With Disco Sprizz I want to offer talented DJs and drag performers a stage and give something back to the community.

You organize your event alone. Why, what advantages and disadvantages do you see?

Although I am primarily responsible, I receive support from my collective Italo Fundamentalo with the promotion. On the one hand, it’s cool that I have so much freedom with my decisions and can design the party series from scratch.

On the other hand, it’s a lot of (time) effort, but for a good cause. In the long term, I could imagine Disco Sprizz forming a kind of FLINTA collective or something similar.

How were your previous parties? What do you particularly value, what is important to you? And what perhaps surprised you or what did you learn?

The previous two events were so successful that we had admission stops several times in the evening and the dance floor was well filled. Our guests were mainly queers and FLINTAS. I couldn’t be happier that it’s been a hit so far.

Musical diversity is important to me, of course, but an exuberant but considerate atmosphere is particularly important for a successful evening. Everyone should feel comfortable and be able to express themselves creatively.

Your next event is coming up soon, right? What are you looking forward to, what will be special and who shouldn’t miss the party?

The audience can look forward to two breathtaking performances from drag goddess Lili Alexander. It will, in the truest sense, be a wonderful party with the Dresden object small a – Resident goldie. And Goldie Palm also serves groovy house. I’ll be playing a mix of indie dance and acid house.

On Friday October 27th The indoor floor of Oskar in the southern suburb will shake with house music. The Oskar is already known in the queer scene as a ‘Dirty Foxy Unicorn’ party location.

You heard it, on October 27th Oskar is the place to be.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/41344/behind-the-nights-disco-sprizz

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