Oppenheimer of Christopher Nolanand the study Universal Pictures It has exceeded the expectations of locals and strangers.

And the success is not limited to the commercial, as members of the industry themselves recognize that Nolan’s feature film is one of the best in the filmmaker’s filmography.

For Denis Villeneuvea Canadian-born filmmaker with an enviable filmography of his own, which includes titles such as Arrival, Prisoners, Dune and the upcoming sequel Dune: Part Two, Sicarioamong others, was amazed by Nolan’s period piece.

Prior to its release in theaters on July 21, Villeneuve had the opportunity to see a preview, describing the film as (via AP):

“A masterpiece. But where it is now has surpassed the ceiling of my expectations. It’s a three-hour movie about people talking about nuclear physics.“.

The domestic box office Oppenheimer per day is $319.1 million and $593.9 million internationally, for a global total of $913.1 million. It is Nolan’s third highest-grossing film, behind The Dark Knight y The Dark Knight Rises.

The tape is a period piece about World War II scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, considered one of the fathers of the atomic bomb, played in the film by Cillian Murphy.

Oppenheimer was a theoretical physicist who became the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory, leading the research and development of the bomb that ended World War II, under what was covertly called the Manhattan Project. He also oversaw the Trinity Test, in which the first atomic bomb was successfully detonated in New Mexico.

Oppenheimer is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer”, by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin. The script was adapted by Nolan. The director produces the film with his wife and production partner Emma Thomas for their company Syncopy Inc.

Nolan’s cinematographer and frequent collaborator, Hoyte van Hoytemafilmed the film in format IMAX.


  • Oppenheimer marks the first collaboration between Nolan and the studio Universal Pictures, which arrived in September 2021 to an agreement with the filmmaker to finance and distribute the feature filmafter Nolan left the ranks of Warner Bros. after making public his dissatisfaction with the release of Tenetand the studio’s strategy of implementing simultaneous release in theaters and on HBO Max.
  • Murphy has collaborated with Nolan on several occasions, working under the director’s orders in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, and more recently, Dunkirk.
  • The twelfth feature film will be longest running film in Nolan’s filmography, coming in at 3 hours. This will exceed 2 hours and 49 minutes Interstellar.
  • The feature film was shot using a combination of 65mm and 65mm IMAX large format film photography including, for the first time, sections in IMAX black and white analogue photography.
  • He The negative of the film in its IMAX format is almost 18 km long and 272 kg in weight.

Source: https://cine3.com/denis-villeneueve-considera-oppenheimer-como-una-obra-maestra/

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