How many times have you stopped to listen to an unknown album because of the cover or the name stamped on it? My curiosity, to cite two examples, led me to discover My Bloody Valentine e Hüsker Dü. And recently – even if on an infinitely smaller PUTAQUEOPARIU scale – it took me to what I bring you now.

There comes from Australia a guy, or band, duo, I have no idea, called Desmond Doom. In addition to the sensational nickname, the guy in question released an EP last August called Surf-Goth, with the cover that prints this post. In the question ‘I’m going to call the attention of the PCP editor’ this DD easily got a 10 for the whole work.

When I randomly pointed the mouse at “Now that you’re gone”, the second track on the record, my soul even warmed up. Or froze. Anyway. Desmond delivers exactly what he promises with the album’s title and image: the ‘surphysical’ reverbs are here, the gothic darkness too, it’s impossible not to see the man in black surfing under a gray sky. The end. great.

Musically, the six songs by Surf-Goth resemble a cross between Molchat Doma and Motorama with hints of a distorted Paul Banks in the vocals. I mean, it’s shit. Also, apparently the songs in order tell the story of a broken heart (I hope I never see your face again / Now that you’re gone / It’s all falling down / Get me out / take me back / The Dissociation song). Is it worth a listen or not?

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