I vaguely remember reading something about Deviliish Dear written by Lariu a few years ago, probably around the time of the re-release of their first album, (the great one) These sunny days. The album had come out in 2015, few people heard it, until in 2017 – when it was re-released – it deservedly fell into the graces of the gazer people around the world and put the trio from Rio in evidence.

From then on, the band continued working on new songs (while working ‘really’ to pay the bills, like every Brazilian independent musician); also launched by Midsummer Madness a single em 2019then came 2020, the pandemic and all the mental, physical, spiritual and etc disgrace we all experience.

Cut to 2022: after this long pandemic winter Braulio Almeida, Shelly Modesto and Rômulo Collopy arrive once again via mmrecords to a new full album, the ball of the time here at PCP and probably listed among the best of the year among publications specialized in shoegaze/dream pop and such, Army of nothing.

The album took practically five years to be ready (in parts, according to the site da Midsummerdue to Braulio’s perfectionism), then we have two similarities with the My Bloody Valentine of Kevin Escudos and his monstrous Loveless: the attachment to the details of its main creator and the time of gestation.

Ok, Army of nothing It’s not for now, as the aforementioned 1991 album by MBV was for its time (and beyond), but the Irish and especially their second work (or third, depending on the analysis) are indeed one of the references to understand this release by the group from the hell of january. Full of loops and beats, samples, effects and with few vocals, the album by the diabolical darlings, if it doesn’t revolutionize the genre in which it is labeled, does bring a freshness to it, seeking to incorporate classical influences (in addition to Valentines, Curve comes to me a lot to the head) his particular way of creating art amidst the chaos of distorted blurs.

One of the favorites of the house in this 2022 that is coming to an end. Listen on the stalk!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/12/28/devilish-dear-army-of-nothing-2022/

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