A bit late, but we just have to introduce this EP: Dj Balduin’s teaser for an album this summer.

Dj Balduin on Kann Records. The mood rises before you even hear the first note. For 15 years now, the label has stood for very good electronic music from Leipzig – and beyond. It has almost never released a bad record and most recently with releases from e.g. B. Inner doors and the sub-label Long Vehicle, the sound palette is again greatly expanded.

Balduin is also no stranger to the scene. He runs the experimental label GLYK Records, finds himself a regular presence in the city’s line-ups and has already garnered quite a bit of attention with a couple of strong releases on QC Records and Kompakt. The two tracks here are his debut and available as a digital release via Bandcamp.

“Da Float” comes as a flat breakbeat track with a voice sample garnish, which spreads a few happy vibes on the dance floor in no time at all and is actually able to trigger the goosebumps announced by the label.

The second track of the release called “Kaset Sin” turns out to be a house number with 90s flair, which scores with a warm wandering bassline, jazz snare and organic percussion samples. Did I already mention the spherical synth sounds? Definitely pushes very well. uh yeah! If that was the first breeze from Balduin on Kann, you can officially look forward to more from now on. An album is supposed to come out in the summer.

Briefly again about GLYK: Almost at the same time as this can EP, a very special album by the Greek musician Theremin Jennings was released on Baldiun’s label. Since 2013 he has been running various sound devices such as a Farfisa organ, string machine and some effect devices in his home studio.

In improvised sessions, he captures wonderfully cosmic, lofiesque sounds that could also be the soundtracks of old science fiction films. Especially when brightly shimmering synth harmonies suddenly emerge from trippy phases, large visual worlds open up directly. At the same time, the organ repeatedly creates a sacred intimacy. “Theremin Jennings” is available digitally and as a limited edition tape.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40235/dj-balduin-da-float-kann-records

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