The wonderful call shop radio is launching its first release at the beginning of July – and it’s just as diverse and exciting as the radio itself. We have a track from the compilation in advance.

Since mid-2019, the online radio Callshop Radio, originally founded in Düsseldorf, has also been streaming from Leipzig – we have already reported on this. And in that short time, radio has become an important part of the local scene.

The next milestone follows on July 8th: Callshop Radio also becomes its own label. With “Phone Book Vol. One” the radio releases its first compilation with five very different tracks. The first of these is “Digital Minds” by DJ Unisex. By the way, this is our second track premiere with him. Last autumn we already featured his “ICE 101 to Cologne”.

“Digital Minds” is a great electro hybrid. On the one hand very hectic and edgy, on the other hand also very laidback with its floating synths. Definitely a good opener – here on the compilation as well as at a party. And this is how the track sounds:

DJ Unisex also hosts a show on Callshop Radio called “Intergalactic Rhythms”. And he runs the Self Learning System label together with Friedrich Ernst. So connect well.

And otherwise? “Phone Book Vol. One” inspires with an extremely stylistically confident diversity – with special dub moments, different trance reminiscences and classic 808 sounds. More like that. The EP is available digitally at Bandcamp:


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