Don’t Kill The Beast «Let It In» – even if, as I have often written here, I can no longer read all the promotional emails that flood my inbox, I still find real gems every now and then. This also applies to Don’t Kill The Beast, the project by David Blum, which I had never heard of before. The new single is really very cool, upbeat and yet atmospheric indie pop that fits the end of summer.

in sea hole «Haruno Yumeno Tochu» – for a while now I’ve been finding new (and good) Japanese indie bands every day, thanks to the YouTube algorithm. Sea Hole from Tokyo were also there recently, and I’m absolutely thrilled with their current single. Wonderfully melancholic indie dream pop music with a Japanese flair. The band only has 35 subscribers on YT, which is a real shame. I hope they make many more great songs like this.


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