We meet on the weekend of the theatrical release (in Mexico and the United States) of the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling of Olivia Wildeso the studies New Line Cinema y Warner Bros.continue the marketing campaign to the fullest by launching more promotional material.

The most recent is a new clip that shows us a scene in which the protagonist, Florence Pugh (Little Women, Midsommar), finds herself in a ballet class, noticing in the mirror that there is something strange going on behind the facade of seemingly idyllic life, and something sinister lurking around her.

The promotional video is found at the end of the note.

The one described as “period psychological thriller” also stars Harry Styles (Dunkirk), with a secondary cast made up of Chris Pine (Wonder Woman, Hell or High Water), KiKi Lane (If Beale Street Could Talk, The Old Guard), Gemma Chan (Eternals), and Wilde herself, who has a key supporting role.


“Alice (Pugh) and Jack (Styles) are lucky to live in the idealized community of Victory, the experimental company town that houses the men who work for the top-secret Victory project and their families. The 1950s social optimism espoused by its CEO, Frank (Pine), equal parts corporate visionary and motivational life coach, anchors all aspects of daily life in the united desert utopia.

“While the husbands spend each day inside the Victory Project headquarters, working on “progressive materials development,” their wives, including Frank’s elegant partner Shelley (Chan), spend their time enjoying the beauty, the luxury and debauchery of his community. Life is perfect, with the needs of each resident met by the company. All they ask in return is discretion and an unconditional commitment to Victory’s cause.

“But when cracks begin to appear in her idyllic life, exposing glimpses of something far more sinister lurking beneath the handsome facade, Alice can’t help but question exactly what they’re doing at Victory and why. How much is Alice willing to lose to expose what is really going on in this paradise?

The original script was written by Shane and Carey Van Dyke, and was completely rewritten by Katie Silbermanco-writer of Booksmart, a film that marked Wilde’s directorial debut. Her other credits include the rom-coms Isn’t It Romantic y Set It Upboth from Netflix


  • WB titles it in our country, Do not worry honey.
  • New Line launched the project in September 2019.
  • The marketing campaign kicked off at CinemaCon 2022.
  • Wilde said he was inspired by movies like “The Matrix, “Inception”, y “The Truman Show”.
  • The director also shares that her project is a “Love letter to movies that exceed the limits of our imagination.”
  • This is the second feature film by Wilde, who made his debut as a filmmaker with the acclaimed coming-of-age Booksmart (2019).

Promotional clip:

Source: https://cine3.com/dont-worry-darling-florence-pugh-es-atormentada-en-nuevo-clip-promocional/

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