In Milan, the FeST, the Festival dedicated to the world of TV now in its fourth edition. This is a local event that for three days dedicates all its space to the world of seriality through panels dedicated to the most prominent TV series, screenings, meetings with authors and actors and much more. In short, a party that every enthusiast cannot miss.

This year there were many guests waiting for us at the Milan Triennale (as well as the public who came for the event). From alessio de santa ad Andrea Delogupassing from Chiara Galeazzi a Edoardo Ferrario e Luca Ravennaand many others like Greta Scarano, Maccio Capatonda e Sofia Viscardi.

Not to mention the various panels and attractions that attracted all those present:

  • The first day was left to the “insiders”, including masterclasses dedicated to visual effects in TV series, moving on to product placement and in-depth studies on the pitch and concept of a product dedicated to streaming or television, rather than cinema.
  • On the second day, the attractions for children and families had more space, as well as 50 minutes dedicated entirely to Maccio Capatonda and its infinite characters. We also discussed the so-called “serial tourism” and how many times we decide to visit certain places just to see for ourselves the places that inspired our favorite TV series.
  • The third and last day he let himself be overwhelmed by the “teenagers”, with various insights into the social world, the memes that arise from the TV series, a quizzone totally dedicated to the serial world and a very interesting intervention by Nora Fields, music supervisor of the new season of Stranger Things who explained how music transports the viewer to an “other dimension”. This last day, however, was mainly dedicated to awarding of the best Italian TV series of the year.

An infinity of candidates, demonstrating that in recent years in our country (albeit not with great results we must admit) we are trying to invest in this new world and increasingly involve a larger user base. The final evening was conducted by Aurora Leone ed Edoardo Ferrario; 14 Serial Awards were assigned by a jury led by Marina Pierri (artistic director of the Festival).

The great star of the evening was Zerocalcare with her Tear off along the edgesbut let’s see who the most relevant prizes of the evening went to:

Winners of the TV Series Festival

  • Re-framing Nature Special Award: Bang Bang Baby
  • Special Rising Star Award : Arianna Becheroni in Bang Bang Baby
  • Badness Award “He also did good things”: Francesco Serpico in The Brilliant Friend 3
  • Supporting Interpreter Award: Valerio Mastandrea in Tear off along the edges
  • Leading Interpreter Award: Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco in The Brilliant Friend 3
  • Premio Look and Feel: Bang Bang Baby
  • Director Award: Michele Rech (Zerocalcare) for Tear off along the edges
  • Kids Series Award: Di4ri
  • Scripted Series Award: Tear off along the edges
  • Docuserie Award: A team
  • Entertainment Series Award: A piece of London
  • Soundtrack Award: Psalm for Block 181
  • Premio “Writer’s room”: Michele Rech (Zerocalcare) for Tear off along the edges
  • Couple / Relationship Award: Marco D’Amore and Salvatore Esposito for Gomorrah – Final season
  • “Ci vivrei” Award: Michele’s house in The Ignorant Fairies
  • “Chiara e tonda” special prize: Tear off along the edges
  • Award for podcast that we would like to become a scripted series: God’s finger


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