EKKSTACY «wish i was dead» – okay, when you look at the photo and the thumbnail for the Vancouver-based artist’s new video, you probably think of some hardcore or emo band. It is all the more surprising how the song actually sounds. It offers jangle guitars and a wave touch and ends too quickly at just under 2 minutes. However, according to the label, the new album “Misery” is supposed to be heavier – one can be curious. But the single is definitely my thing.

L’Avenir «The Pageantry Of Loneliness» – let’s stay with the sounds of the 80s, but dig deep into the synth box. Extremely successful new single from this band from Baltimore, from their new EP which will be released in spring.

Source: https://coast-is-clear.blogspot.com/2022/08/ekkstacy-lavenir.html

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