The trend of turning movies into TV series continues to this day. The 2022 crime-drama thriller starring Aubrey Plaza, Emily the Criminal, will be adapted to the small screen. Deadline reports that Legendary Television is developing a series based on the feature film that marked the debut of the writer and director John Patton Ford.

Plaza will not star in the series, although she will be involved in the project as an executive producer with her company Evil Hag Productions. Ford will direct and executive produce the series. Tyler Davidson and Drew Sykes – producers of the film – join as executive producers.

The outlet reports that Legendary Television acquired the rights in a “competitive situation.”

The plot of the film revolves around Emily (Plaza), a young woman in trouble due to mounting student debt at art school and having trouble finding a job due to a minor criminal record. It is then that, desperate to make ends meet and after facing rejection in job interviews, Emily accepts a suspicious job and poses as a “fictitious buyer”, becoming involved in a credit card scam that leads her to the criminal underworld. of Los Angeles with serious consequences.

In addition to Plaza, the film starred Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy), Bernardo Badillo (Queen of the South), Jonathan Avigdor (The Lincoln Lawyer), Kim Yarbrough, Megalyn Echinkuwoke (Almost Family, Late Night), y Gina Gershon (New Amsterdam).


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