There are films that, just because of the format in which they have been constructed, already attract the attention of the public. Found footage horror films tend to be especially well received and valued, especially if they know how to play well by constructing a fine line that distorts reality from fiction. In the case of Late Night With The Devil The concept of found footage is reinterpreted through the creation of a late-night 70s variety show in which to deploy a peculiar horror device.

Late Night With The Devil It begins with a brief “documentary” introduction putting us in context of the turbulent times in which the United States was subjected to the continuous appearance of devil-worshipping sects. Taking advantage of Satan’s popularity, a failing late night show hosted by Jack Delroy (played by an incredible David Dastmalchian) decides to make a special Halloween show dedicated to exploring the demonic figure in the hopes of regaining good ratings. What is presented to us below is the program in its entirety during which, among others, a girl possessed by the devil will be interviewed. The film slowly simmers a terrifying concern and intrigue that will explode in a disproportionate (but very fun) way at the end of the program. However, with the intention of developing the character plots, the film makes the mistake of leaving the late night format to follow the characters during commercial breaks. It is obvious from the beginning that what the viewer is seeing is not real, but these sections (also shot in black and white) take them out of the story momentarily.

The main attraction of Late Night With The Devil It is none other than the peculiar device and format deployed to construct a story that is up to the task. The directing and direction of the actors is sufficiently well achieved for this film to become one of the most beloved delights of the festival.

Late Night With The Devil (Cameron and Colin Cairnes, 2023) ⭐️⭐️⭐️½


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