It was October 1, 2018 when the first episode of Manifest. The network was premium stories and every week we were delighted with two episodes of this fantastic series. However, the problems begin very soon, the series does not have the hoped-for success; despite Mediaset’s clarification from July 31, 2019, considering the era of streaming and Main Stream, the series does not arouse the interest it should.

On June 15, 2021, the bad news arrivesManifest is officially cancelled after only 3 seasons. However, the big N, the queen of streaming, decides to put the first 3 seasons in her schedule. Result? Millions of views in just a few days, and the usual corner-kick hug and save can only accompany. Netflix saved us again, giving us a perfect 4th season against all odds.

Today we’re talking about this latest, but fabulous, season.

Manifesto 4: plot

It’s been 8 months since the last episode, Ben and Michaelaalong with most of the passengers dell’828, are held in a center reserved only for them which, to all intents and purposes, looks like a real concentration camp. Everyone’s calls are under government surveillance which tries to study their causes and effects. Ben’s help (Josh Dallas), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) e Jared (J.R.Ramirez) however, it is still necessary for the government, given their experience in the matter. Meanwhile, outside the center, Angelina tries to recruit followers to convince them that she is God’s angel.

Manifest 4: A second chance

Warning, if you haven’t seen Manifest 4 yet, don’t continue reading.

A series finale that could be the envy of many finished products in a somewhat coarse way, and yes, here we mention Lost: a series that has definitely changed television but which has brought one of the ugliest endings in the history of the series. We name it precisely because Manifest has been repeatedly singled out as its draft. Nothing more wrong! Yes, perhaps the premises are similar, but the story is quite different and starts from an idea by Jeff Rake who, driving with his loved ones by car, thinks about what could force a family to divide and then come together and try to put it back together again. the pieces of their lives. Unlike one of the mother series of the mysteryManifest concludes with only one explanationWe all have a second chance. This can be easily understood from the last scenes, in which characters like Eagan (Ali Lopez Sohaili) e Adrian (Jared Grimes) are saved, and from landing which we will explain better shortly.

Manifest 4: It really is all connected!

It’s all connected, definitely the tagline of the entire series, especially repeated by Cal Stone (Jack Messina/ Ty Doran). Never anything more true! In fact, little Cal, now a teenager, was decidedly predestined, the one who would have had to sacrifice himself to save all his companions, the one who, once he arrived in divine consciousness, understood how much he was needed on earth. When he exclaimed that everything was connected he was right, but he didn’t know yet that it would be his sacrifice, necessary to make reappear the flight 828 and bring everyone back, or at least the deserving ones, to the notorious April 7, 2013. Cal in fact, the one of Ty Doran who gives us an interpretation in line with the talented Jake Messina thanks to a hard work of choices, is the one who, because of the intrinsic sapphire, it must “merge” with the remains of Noah’s ark. Nothing more biblical. Everything therefore leads back to the origin, to that place where Saannvi (Parveen Kaur) had thrown the last remaining piece of Noah’s ark, right where Mount Ararat had left a crater. Cal disappears in a beam of blue light that illuminates the whole city, so powerful as to bring all passengers to reach him. Angelina is among these, despite the misdirection attempts by Eagan and Adrian, who finally manage to understand which is the right path and that the girl is actually nothing more than a convinced fanatic. But when everything seems to be over, a strong earthquake looms over the earth and the crater that had enveloped Cal reopens dangerously, announcing the biblical exit of the 828 aircraft. All the passengers run to board while Angelina, in a last desperate attempt, tries to prevent the safety of all the others to protect her “followers”, only ending up seriously injuring herself and boarding the plane in the arms of none other than Well. He who has always stood out for his courage, the image of fearlessness like in Once Upon a Time (sooner or later we had to quote), who doesn’t give up on anything and who is willing to do anything for his family, makes the most difficult choice: to forgive the murderer of his wife and the one who had kidnapped his daughter. Because basically this was how it had to end as everything had been foreseen from the beginning (the image is proof of this). In one last great gesture, everyone is preparing to take off again with that accursed flight, and right in flight they suffer the universal judgment of the angel of death. In fact, anyone who has not managed to use this gift well is turned into ashes, and this fate belongs to 11 people, FINALLY including Angelina. In a scene that’s not quite the height of special effects, bordering on a bit of healthy trashy, everyone arrives at the glare and opens the door to the airport arrival gate.

Manifest 4: manifesting one’s future

So everything ends just as it should be, our passengers land and find themselves right in 2013. All their loved ones are there waiting for them, including those lost in the last 5 years. Only they know what happened, the rest of the world knows nothing. No more “icsians” no more calls and, reluctantly, no more Vance and Ben united for the same goal. But everything goes as it should, each passenger calling for their loved ones, he makes the choice he should have made and would not have made if he had landed correctly. Each storyline reaches its epilogue: Cal returns as a child and appears at the airport, he doesn’t remember anything, it’s true, but he finds his lost childhood to enjoy with his twin Olive. We have a point of nostalgia because Olive won’t be able to be with TJ, but if it’s fate this will happen anyway. Michaela proves it to us that she is about to say “yes” to Jared’s proposal. But he confesses that her proposal was just a desperate attempt to get her over the trauma, proving that Michaela’s suspicions were founded. For this, the two separate leaving the girl running into Zeke’s arms, realizing that she is right outside driving a taxi waiting for passengers. Speaking of destiny and confirming the thesis, Jared then meets Drea and immediately begins an understanding.

This is precisely the beauty of Manifest, everything contributes to one thing, fate, the second choice (the right one). All it is manifested as it should bebecause basically this is what happens, everyone creates their own future.

Everything created perfectly in this 4th season contributes to a perfect ending, which is detached from any product seen in recent years. We didn’t expect it but the series gave us the answers we needed to have, everything ties back perfectly to the beginning, even Zeke and Michaela’s meeting in the cabin, caused by Michaela herself. That’s why he had the feeling he’d seen her before, it had nothing to do with the photo in the newspaper. All is perfect. Maybe if there had been the 6 seasons announced there would have been more time to explain why Cal was the chosen one, or the storyline of Captain Daly and Fiona would not have ended so quickly. The fact is that for once, after so many hardships, we had the answers we needed to have, or rather that we deserved. The only personal question is: are they dead, are they in heaven, or is what we see real? If Vance is looking for the 11 missing passengers and the whole world knows nothing, this should be reality. But who’s to say they aren’t manifesting all of this because they’re actually dead and that’s what they always wanted?

Nice work Rake! Rating: Ten Minus (Minus comes from Cal’s shameful CGI in the finale)


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