I’ve said it here (and on the radio version of this blog) a hundred times: following the Fuzz Club on social networks and/or subscribing to their feed to receive the news they release is discovering a lot, but a lot of cool stuff.

The British label’s antennas capture different sound frequencies around the world, and even though they are best known for their symbiotic connection with the psych scene, they are not limited to a specific genre/style. proof of this is Twosecond album of the German Flying Moon in Space combo, which in no way resembles the sinister and noisy psychedelia that is, so to speak, the ‘watermark’ of FC.

Released in June, the album began to build during the pandemic, with each of the band’s six members sending each other musical fragments until larger fragments formed and, finally, demos. When the shadow of covid-19 began to dissipate, the sextet took these demos to a studio lost in a forest in the Czech Republic and thus officially was born. Two.

Completely different from the first Flying Moon records released independently in 2018/19 and in many ways also from their eponymous debut on Fuzz Club, this record is the ‘pandemic version’ of the band, which – according to the members themselves – found themselves stretching their personal, aesthetic and sound limits during the creation process; the result of this expansion are electronic beats, field recordings (including in a church), loops and synthesizers making the music of the Germans a few steps less experimental and more accessible, flirting with dance music and 80s new wave. If in some cases such a change would be catastrophic, here it worked good as fuck perfectly.

We recommend listening on the stalk!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/11/05/flying-moon-in-space-zwei-2022/

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