At the end of June, a 33-track compilation will be released by the Georgian label Mind Controlled Rectifier – two tracks from Leipzig will also be included. And we have one of them in advance!

The fact that the Georgian capital Tbilisi is a hotspot for an exciting, energetic and politicized club culture should no longer be a secret. Four years ago I was able to experience a mini excerpt of it myself. But Tbilisi is not just techno at Bassiani and Khidi. With labels like Mind Controlled Rectifier there are also platforms for electro, acid, breakbeat and deconstructed and sounds.

Apparently there were good connections to Leipzig early on: Because in autumn 2021 an EP by the Leipzig duo Yarn Init was released there – a side project by Varum and Int Main. But Mind Controlled Rectifier seems to enjoy extensive compilations even more. With “AIMCRVA001”, which will be released at the end of June, the label is topping its previous commitment: the compilation bundles a total of 33 tracks. And for each track there is an individual artwork that the respective artists have created with an AI tool. The prompts behind it are also published.

In addition to Cyan 85, Friedrich Ernst’s “ISP” is also included on “AIMCRVA001”. The Leipzig producer is part of the Self Learning System crew and fits perfectly into the Mind Controlled Rectifier sound. With “ISP” he combines complex, interlocking breakbeats with short-cut vocal samples and classic acid sounds. In between, the bass drum also changes into straight terrain and the restlessly pushing atmosphere is always caught up by deep synth chords. In short: More happens here in five and a half minutes than in many other tracks – but Friedrich Ernst pulls it together so coherently that “ISP” becomes an exciting journey. But listen for yourself:

And the artwork? The graphic by Friedrich Ernst is based on this prompt:

„keywords provided by the artist: Inner system Power, Fusion Break Conductor, Endless Time In Space. *+we used some pictures from the private collection **prompt engineer: mat.7.7

Over the next few days and weeks, Mind Controlled Rectifier will gradually release all the other tracks on the compilation. At the end we look at it again. stay tuned


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