the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy –the longest-running series of its kind in the history of television– continues to deliver news about its next season, number 19, for which it was renewed last January by ABC.

With a premiere date for season 19 set for Thursday, October 6 in the United States on ABC, the series confirms the signing of the veteran of Glee, Harry Shum Jr., the fifth and last new resident of the Gray Sloan Memorial. Shum Jr. will play Daniel “Blue” Kwan, officially described by the TV network as “an impatient and brilliant resident surgeon, [que] he is generous by nature but competitive to the extreme, naturally gifted and accustomed to winning at everything. A family crisis interfered with his career plans and now he has a lot to prove.” (via Deadlines).

This last line could explain why Shum Jr.’s character is slightly older compared to the other four actors cast to play first-year residents in season 19. In case you missed it, we’ll tell you about it. who are treated:

Adelaide Kane (Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, The Purge) playing Jules Millin, a first-year resident who “She was raised by drug-addled artists/hippies and somehow emerged as the only real adult in the family”; Midori Francis (The Sex Lives of College Girls, The Afterlife of the Party) playing rude first-year resident Mika Yasuda; Alexis Floyd (Inventing Anna, The Bold Type) playing Simone Griffin, a first-year resident who is successful, funny, and smart; Y Niko Terho (The Thing About Harry), playing Luas Adams, a first-year resident described as “the charming black sheep of his family.”

After the conclusion of GleeShum Jr. starred in three seasons of the series Shadowhunters the Freeform.

Towards the conclusion of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomywe witnessed the Gray Sloan Memorial resident training program being ordered to close, although it appears from the signings just discussed that the new residents seem to be proof that the doctors found a way to restart the program.

It is important to note that, this new group of young actors form a strong group of cast members from Grey’s in roles as residents, as we had not seen in a long time. Of wanting and having a way to move forward with the series in case of a potential future departure of the protagonist, Ellen Pompeothe creatives seem to have put together a good next generation of GSM doctors.

  • Pompeo signed a one-year contract extension in January 2022, securing his participation in season 19.

Season 19 has confirmed the returns of the only three original members who continue on the show: Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, y James Pickens Jr. como Richard Webber.

Pompeo, who served as co-executive producer for season 18, she was promoted to executive producer beginning in season 19. Krista Vernoffthey showrunner Grey’s from season 14, on departure as shorwunner of Shonda Rhimes of the series, will continue to monitor the series.

With 18 seasons behind him, Grey’s remains one of the series with the best rating on television, and in the demographic 18-49 it is placed as number 1 within ABC.

The plot of season 17 focused on the world immersed in the COVID-19 pandemic, with Meredith being one of the many people infected, spending most of the season hospitalized at Gray Sloan Memorial. Season 18 moved away from the COVID world, opting to set its plot in a fictional post-pandemic world.

  • The first 17 seasons of Grey’s They are available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney’s Star+ in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and on Hulu in the United States.

Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Vernoff, Debbie Allen, Meg Marinis and Mark Gordon are the executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy.


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