I was a dreamer is an animated film created by the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Alonso Pablos. If by any chance you've never heard of this director, you probably should. Known for his incredible captivating stories and his unique and innovative animation style, Pedro Alonso Pablos is altering the way we perceive animated cinema and even the way it is independently exhibited from his Pliski platform.

The story of “He was a dreamer”

Inspired by dreams and real experiences, I was a dreamer is an intimate and moving look at the peaks and valleys of life. Under the structure and modes of classic storiesfocuses on the archetypal character of the dreamer and how he has to face reality in order to survive.

The film emphasizes the delicate line between dreams and reality with a unique combination of irony, black humor and deep emotions. It is an evocative work of art, full of surreal scenes and carefully and cleanly designed symbolism.

A work of visual craftsmanship

In addition to its story, you can also appreciate the visually detailed world that Pablos has created. When using hand painted digital art, Pablos invites us to immerse ourselves in an artistically rich and detailed world. This, combined with synchronized animation with a bold soundtrack, creates a truly immersive experience that takes the viewer through its plot and characters. visit universal themes that resonate for audiences of all ages.

The director explores personal ambition, the difficulties of pursuing dreams, and the pitfalls of success and failure. This sharp and insightful interpretation of modern society and life is woven throughout the seemingly simple story while offering deep and provocative reflections.

Different and independent animation

But, without a doubt, Pablos' distinctive signature is his ability to capture genuine emotions in your animated characters. Each character in I was a dreamer has a story to tell, each with its own set of struggles and victories. You can clearly notice the meticulous attention to detail in every scene, every dialogue, and every facial and corporeal expression of the characters. A small enjoyment served with the simplicity and empathy of traditional stories.

I was a dreamer It is more than just an animated film. It is an intense social conversation within a moving and visually surprising story.. Every aspect of the film, from the script to the art, from the music to the editing, has been carefully selected and coordinated to convey a message. Pedro Alonso Pablos' independent efforts to recreate and redefine how animated cinema is perceived, making it travel along safe paths while remaining new, are more than notable.

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