Yeah, there’s something to hear again at glad glad: We have a new podcast series. In the first issue, we talk to LiveKombinat about soli tickets, among other things.

Almost a year has passed since we said goodbye to Kathi and her wonderful Talk Talk podcast. Now there is a new format: Hey Hey.

The host of the new podcast is Sebastian from the Vaya environment. He already has a show on Radio Blau, and now he’s happy to meet up with exciting personalities from Leipzig’s club culture. Jana Milbrodt and Jörg Kosinski from LiveKommbinat Leipzig will start. This is an interest group that represents 14 Leipzig clubs and music venues. Jana is also part of the night council, which, together with the specialist officer for night culture, represents the interests of club culture before the Leipzig city administration.

Both explain how the Soliticket can be redeemed in the next three weeks and which topics are currently of particular concern to the Leipzig clubs. Have a listen, here via Soundcloud – or on all podcast platforms, from Apple Podcasts to Spotify.

All information about the Soliticket is available here:


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