At the beginning of October, the input series will finally start again at the IfZ. Reason enough to talk to two of the curators about it – so time for a new Hey Hey episode.

In September 2019, the baton was handed over for the IfZ Thursday: Channel became input. A fixed series in which newcomers from techno and house have the opportunity to play at the IfZ – and for us to discover new exciting DJs.

However, Corona then made sure that the input series has hardly been able to exploit its full potential so far. Instead, the crew took over the tar garden program and is now ready for a restart of the input.

Our podcast host Sebastian met Joel and Sassi at the Trakt II bar and talked about how the series got through the pandemic so far and what is planned for autumn. Spoiler alert: There’s a revival of the DJ raffle. But listen for yourself:


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