When Numero Group launched the box Savage young Düin 2017, many fans of Hüsker Dü – including me – found out what the Minneapolis trio was before Zen arcadeor even from Everything falls appart. or even from Land speed record.

The audacious project that brings together 69 tracks divided into 4 LPs or 3 CDs (plus a book with photos, texts, flyers, etc.) keyboardist Charlie Pine, dropped the Buddy and the Returnables name and recorded the first demo under the moniker that made them known and so important to music.

The box brings, in addition to this 1979 demo tape, of the single In a free land (and his studio sessions) and the aforementioned Everything falls appart, a more than generous portion of tracks recorded live in small, chaotic shows and in rehearsals by the trio. And all this, friends, is no small thing.

Savage young Dü is a polaroid portrait of a band still in formation, fully immersed in the hardcore universe that surrounded them, but learning to build and tread their own path.

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Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2022/09/20/husker-du-savage-young-du-2017/

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