Pony Pracht’s new EP was released in February. The musician from Leipzig programmed a mini video game for one song – for a very special approach to her music and lyrics. We are immersed in the EP and 3D world.

Every now and then I come across photos and videos of people on social media who have dug out their old Game Boy or Nintendo DS. They play nostalgic games like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing or Nintendogs. I didn’t have a Game Boy as a kid and I remember back in the 2000’s/2010’s my only video game access was browser games. Lisa Zwinzscher aka Pony Pracht developed a browser game for her single “Aics” that reminds me exactly of those times. The single was released on their EP “Lomb” in February this year.

The game’s design oozes retro 3D vibes with its vaporwave look. Pony Pracht came up with the idea of ​​a video game for her song in 2021 when she was involved in a music video production. There she worked for the first time with the Unity software, which she also used to program her video games.

With the video game for the song, Pony Pracht not only enables listeners:r of their song, but also to become active participants.

“I thought it was cool to think that unlike a music video, you can design it and each and everyone will play it in their own way.” – Pony Splendor

The video game picks up on the aesthetics and visual elements of the accompanying music video, which was released in February of this year.

In the game, a head floats through a pink pastel world in search of samples from the song. The Aics 3D world through which the head flies symbolizes an exciting unknown world that we are allowed to explore. Once you have found all the samples, you can collect a piece of hardware in the last step. What you can do with this in the end, you should watch and listen to for yourself here.

The song “Aics” is about letting go of a long relationship and the resulting feeling of freedom. This feeling is reflected both in the song itself and in the game. Matching the aesthetics of the video game and the music video, Pony Pracht rolls out an ambient vaporwave sound carpet in front of us, characterized by repetitive synths with a gentle suction effect, which is generated by their dynamics. Above that are the vocals, which come across as much more definite compared to the instrumental. This doesn’t break the atmosphere at all, but gives it a pleasant, subtle drive.

Pony Pracht sees the video game itself as a “gift” to its listeners and I, too, would like to thank you for this beautiful, relaxing gimmick through the small world of the song “Aics”. And I recommend listening to the whole EP right away:

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40382/abtauchen-in-3d-pony-pracht

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