The production company Blumhouse of Jason Blum, has been developing a reboot of Spawnproduced by Todd McFarlane –the creator of the comic book saga of the famous antihero character–.

In addition to confirming in recent days that the film will definitely be released in 2025Blum visited the New York Comic Con stage to share more details about the long-awaited project.

The ScreenRant medium collects the following statements:

Yes, I’m going to bring the Blumhouse touch [a la película Spawn]. It will be edgy and original compared to other superhero movies. It will definitely feel like the Blumhouse version of a superhero movie“.

The development of the reboot was put on pause, like the rest of the projects, as a result of the Writers’ Union strike, which ended in previous weeks, so the writers have been able to resume work. As we mentioned at the beginning of this note, Blum previously assured that “2025 is when Spawn will come out. I keep it. I keep it.”

Initially, McFarlane wrote a draft of the script, in addition to having been considered as director although that is no longer the case, and remains as producer. The last announced scriptwriters were Scott Silver (Joker), Malcolm Spellman (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) y Matthew Nixonalthough we do not know for sure if his script is still the one chosen.

McFarlane previously commented on the vision for the reboot:

I think that between [The Boys y una película de terror tradicional]. We have a different group of people on board, and they may not be as dark as me. If you ask me, I would make it ugly, dark, make the kids cry. But the play we’re trying, and we’ll see if it works, and we’ll know at the end of this year… We are making great progress in what we believe we can achieve in Hollywood. If we can do it, it will be a big financial problem, and once you get into those conversations, they will want to do it in a way that they can then get their money back.”


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