James Wan y Jason Blum They are two important personalities for the horror genre. Both are responsible for having created and/or supported a large number of projects, and film sagas, and even television projects. The first being the creative one, and the second being the entrepreneur who recognizes and supports creative ideas.

Wan and Blum have had the opportunity to collaborate on a few projects with excellent results. That is why the idea of ​​thinking that Atomic MonsterWan’s production company, could join Blumhouse Productions of Blum. In fact, it sounds like a horror dream team.

This is what Blum tells the NYTimes:

“James is probably 70 to 80% artist and 30 to 20% entrepreneur, and I’m the other way around. We really complement each other, yin and yang, which is part of what makes this so exciting.”

Blum tells the source that her main challenge is not knowing “how to turn an idea into a horror movie. I have built a business by recognizing great ideas from other people.”

That is why Wan is the perfect fit. The filmmaker ended in June of this year, the first look agreement he had with Warner Bros., which lasted seven years. Wan tells the NYT: “I have so many ideas, so many ideas, more than I can handle myself.”

The source explains that Blum and Wan began talking about merging their companies in recent months, incorporating Creative Artists Agency financially, as well as Universal Pictures executives Donna Langley and Jimmy Horowitz. According to exclusive information to the source:

Wan would have a substantial ownership stake in Blumhouse. Mr. Blum would remain a majority owner of the companyand NBCUniversal would continue as a third shareholder.”

“Blumhouse’s current distribution deal with Universal runs through the summer of 2024, at which time Mr. Blum will have to consider several courses of action: renew, seek a sale, find a new distribution partner.”

“The addition of Mr. Wan to the Universal stable would expand a series of jabs at Ms. Langley, the president of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. Mrs. Langley called a “powerful and exponential” combination of Blumhouse and Atomic Monster.

“James Wan and Jason Blum know how to build franchises and attract talent,” Langley said over the phone. “There is a lot they could do in the NBCUniversal portfolio, including Peacock and the theme parks. [Universal Studios]”.

Source: https://cine3.com/james-wan-y-jason-blum-buscan-fusionar-de-atomic-monster-y-blumhouse/

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