The original cast of the popular youth comedy John Tucker Must Die, reunited almost 18 years after the release of the 2006 film, as part of the Epic Cons Chicago last Sunday, March 24. During the presentation of their panel, the cast members, Arielle Kebbel, Jesse Metcalfey Sophia Bushthey announced to those present thatA sequel has been put in development with the return of the originals!

EW, one of the media present at Epic Cons, describes the situation:

“Metcalfe first joked with the crowd, telling them that he had heard 'there's a script' before asking if they would be interested in a sequel. After the applause stopped, he said: 'I've been hearing rumors about this script circulating in Hollywood; apparently it's incredible.' While the star hasn't read the new story, Metcalfe added: 'I would definitely love to be a part of it and I can't wait to read it.'”

The plot of the original 2006 film followed three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater, who make plans to make their ex fall in love with a new girl in town, so they can teach him a lesson. Brittany Snow she played Kate, the new girl.


“John Tucker (Metcalfe) dates three different girls at once: Carrie (Kebbel), the smart girl, Heather (Ashanti), the cheerleader, and Beth (Bush), the activist; None of them are aware that she is not the only girl in John's heart. Raised by a single mother, Kate has seen the pain caused by playboys like John Tucker and won't stand by. Along with the three jilted ex-girlfriends, she hatches a plan to teach John a lesson. Things rarely go as planned, especially when Kate begins to think that she herself might be falling in love with John.

Kebbel confirmed to the crowd at the convention that the script for the sequel had been written, and it involves the aforementioned cast.

“The rumor is true. I started producing it a couple of years ago. There is a script. We are very proud of it. “It involves the entire original cast.”

The actress commented that the script also “combines a great new cast” and? “Jesse may or may not have the opportunity to change, which would be very exciting“.

Kebbel closed by saying: “That's pretty much all I can say for now.”

Bush joined the conversation saying:

“I'm ready.”

Bush later published a group of images on his social networks, where he is seen celebrating with his co-stars.

Metcalfe jokingly said he had a question: “Will I get the chance to wear a thong again? I'm here for it. I can't wait to unleash this dad bod on the big screen.”


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