I’ve already talked briefly here about how young Bjork got into the Icelandic alternative music scene. and so he began to pave his long road towards the various hallucinations he continues to pull out of his hat.

The thing is that a lot of people talk about Bjorkinha as a teenager, but hardly anyone – as far as I know, which means almost nothing – comments on the Eskimo woman in her early adult life, post Tappi Tíkarrass and pre Sugarcubes. To fill this imaginary gap today, the first album of one of its groups from this phase arrives at PCP, The eyedo K.U.K.L.

The band emerged from the head of Gramm Records boss Ásmundur Jónsson, who in 1983 had the idea of ​​forming a supergroup in Reykjavík, bringing together a bunch of local musicians to play at the end of a radio show called Áfangar. After performing at that event, the newborn KUKL decided to stay together and in the following year released their debut on Crass Records, from the punk-anything-thing band Crass.

The only point in common between what Bjork did before or after The eye (name actually taken from the book “Story of The Eye”), with the exception of the “Moonbath” breeze, it is her characteristic voice, a watermark in any musical place where she walks, and it is precisely this ‘detail’ that differentiates her of the bulk of post-punk at the time. No, it’s not a bad album, on the contrary; it’s dark and tribal – sometimes, like in “Seagull”, too tribal for my taste hahaha – with the pulsating kitchen and well marked and cut by guitars full of effects, remembering something like a mix of Cure and Banshees, without Bob Smith or Siouxsie BUT with our darling Eskimo.

The album took KUKL beyond Iceland, earning a tour and a cassette recorded during the group’s gig at L’Eldorado, called Kukl in Paris 14.9.84 and released in 1985 by the French indie label VISA In this same show they presented some unpublished songs that would enter Holidays in Europehis second and final album, composed as a conceptual work.

But about him, his travels and the end of the band, we’ll talk another day. For today we leave you to discover (or rediscover) where young Bjork was around her 20 years old.

Bon voyage!


Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/03/28/k-u-k-l-the-eye-1984/

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