Today is another solo tip – with house music and various nice things that can be bought for a good cause.

happy daily tip

Soli market // Studio Papaya (Rossplatz 12) // 12:00 p.m
w/ Goldie Palm

Even if it’s already out in the media: The earthquake in the Syrian-Turkish border region caused a lot of suffering and hardship. Donations and relief supplies are still needed – the situation in Syria in particular is still catastrophic.

For this reason, the great Studio Papaya is now organizing a solo market with delicious things, clothes, prints, plants, ceramics, handmade items and even smaller pieces of furniture. Goldie Palm handles the music. The proceeds then go to Hand in Hand for Aid and Development (HIHFAD). They are particularly committed to children, women, the elderly and the disabled in structurally disadvantaged regions and provide them with long-term support.


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