Two nice tips for Saturday: once open air in the skate park, later in the distillery.

party name: Skatepark Session w/ Music Of Color
Time: 03/26/2022, 2:00 p.m
Location: Heizhaus Skate Park
Acts: Music Of Color-Crew

For the finale of this year’s “International Weeks Against Racism” the Grünauer Heizhaus invites you to a skate park session with the great Leipzig Music Of Color crew. The sun has also announced itself. A large sound system is available for this purpose, and there will also be a bar and soul food. Sounds like a happy day with dancing, skating, streetball and chilling. Until 10 p.m.

Also today…

Saturday Rave – Distillery, 11:30pm – Techno and House with Ryan Elliott, Manamana, Andreas Eckhardt, Senta Julien, Sailent Seihmen, Patrick Dre, Bigalke


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