We have five tips for week 20 Friday. With a very exciting highlight in Mjut.

party name: Minerals
Time: May 20, 2022, 6:30 p.m
Location: Mjut
Acts: Mad Miran, Perila b2b Special Guest DJ, Whrikk, Solaris, Egregore b2b Translucid, Vox Supreme, Birthcore, T:Contrb, Maury111, Ariel My Friend + Agata Patyczek, Renzo Torrecuso, Lara Puhlmann, Bonnie O’Malley

The Minerals series is back. And a full evening and a long night awaits us. It starts outside in the reopened Mjut Garden with lectures by four scientists from the Max Planck Institute. They talk about body illusions, mental resilience and visual representations of music, among other things.

This is followed by two live sets between synth and ambient pop by Ariel My Friend and Maury 111. Then it’s off to the rave indoors. Also there is Mad Miran from the clone crew.

Also today:

Rat.In.The.Lab – Elipamanoke, 11:59pm – “Gutter Techno” featuring Caniche, Feinraus, Genelelle, NurEinerVonMany, NVLS, Sistr, Splinter, Substencia, Tualma, Vidsutnist

Dinner – Neue Welt, 10 p.m. – House, Electro and Breaks with Maruwa, Marie Montexier, ttyfal

Friday I’m In Love – Distillery, 1am – Techno and Drum & Bass featuring Sailent Seihmen, WSX, Rottnmeier, SBZ, Enrage, No Mercy

Boogie On Down – Backstein Bakery, 4 p.m. – Soul, Funk, HipHop and House with Cid Hohner, Xubii, Flip, JJ Kramer

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/38402/kw-20-freitag-8

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