Very busy Friday today – with a great bouncy block party and lots of club options.

happy day tip //

Sweet & Salty // Conne Island // 6:00 p.m
w/ GG-Vybe, Slic Unit, G-Edit

Summer, sun, block party? Today the Conne Island garden is transformed into a block party area. With amapiano and bass sounds, ice cream and drinks, afrobeats and baile funk, table tennis and basketball. Musically, three crews bounce at the same time: GG-Vybe from Frankfurt and Slic Unit from Berlin and Hamburg. Supported by the local heroes of G-Edit. Nice.

Also today //

souls. x noise – Mjut, 11:55pm – Techno featuring Kimya, Hock, Ninette, Janein, Stigmatique, Shaleen

BPM Attack – Institut für Zukunft, 11:59 p.m. – Techno, Hard-Tek, Trance, Bass, UK, House with Monsoon Traxx, Funk Tribu, :Mumm, Trashabelle, For one evening is enough, Testpress b2b Holiday Pack, Wetfall, Porter Brook, Shannon Soundquist

Viral love – Neue Welle, 23:00 – Techno, Wave and Progressive with Kasra V, Síofra, Zeynep

Datsche #13 – Elipamanoke, 11:59 p.m. – Techno and House with Bigalke, DJ G1na R., Juana b2b Mickze, Malena, Mentell, Sebastian Strootmann

Technose – Kulturlounge, 11:00 p.m. – Techno with Steiner, Melena, Atalanta

Top Cats – South Garden, 9:00 p.m. – Hard-Tek, Electro, Experimental with G:Error, Lui, Oliotronix, Parked New Cars, Yelough Strobez


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