Still strength for more? There is a great indoor festival near the spinning mill today. Among others with Marcel Dettmann and Job Jobse.

party name: LUCY Festival
Time: 09/18/2022, 11:00 a.m
Location: Techne Sphere / Kirov Works
Acts: Barker, I$A, Job Jobse, Marcel Dettmann, Niks, Rifts, THC, ttyfal, Victor, Zeynep

Recently announced, the time has come: The LUCY Festival is taking place this Sunday. In a hall of the Techne Spheres on the premises of the Kirov Plant. The indoor day festival presents a whole series of exciting newcomers and real headliners on two floors.

No ticket yet? There are some online here.

Also today:

Barcelounge – Barcelona, ​​7 p.m. – Electronica, drum & bass and downtempo with Francis and Zapotek, two style-defining DJs and magazine makers from the Leipzig club scene around the 2000s


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