Due to the holiday there is a little more program this weekend. A festival finale and a season closing.

party name: Balance Festival / Day 3
Time: 02.10.2022, 4 p.m
Location: Mjut / Garage Ost
Acts: Cobrah, Juba, Muxxxe, Métaraph, Somali Vendetta

The third day of the Balance Festival starts with a panel on the music industry in Mumbai, later the question of the extent to which club culture can network globally and show solidarity will be clarified. Afterwards, The Darvish explores gender identities and artistic forms of expression in the Garage East with an empowering dance performance.

And on the second Balance Night, various interdisciplinary artists will appear, creating a new club experience visually and performatively as well as with progressive sounds and sex-positive pop. Featuring Cobrah, Juba, Muxxxe, Métaraph and Somali Vendetta.

Also today:

Westhafen Season Closing – Western, 12:00 p.m. – House and Techno with Mathias Kaden, Johannes Albert, Paramida, Sarah Wild, Sledge

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/39062/kw-39-sonntag-2

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