This weekend starts earlier – because today there is an exciting concert at the IfZ with Vector, presented by gladfroh.

party name: Vector II
Time: November 3, 2022, 8 p.m
Location: Institute for the Future
Acts: Fragmented, hundred-strings, Nema, U+00C5

glad glad presents: Vector II – the second edition of a special concert series. This time the musicians are artistically devoting themselves to the concepts of scalability and scales – between dark electronic and avant-garde classic as well as experimental techno and visuals.

It starts punctually at 8 p.m., from 11 p.m. the IfZ Thursday series Input into the night starts – today with Reziprok, Namlitt and V:Sonntag.

Also today:

biodiversity show – Distillery, 8 p.m. – Second appointment with Dominik Eulberg, who shows the wealth of nature in an audiovisual show


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