Lemon mousse

Lemon mousse is a delicious, simple and easy to make dessert. Check out this recipe!

Lemon mousse

Recipe by caion


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For you to make this wonderful lemon mousse, write down the ingredients on the list and follow the step-by-step preparation method.


  • 1 box of condensed milk

  • 2 boxes of sour cream

  • 100 to 200 ml of lemon juice, according to your taste

  • Lemon zest to decorate the mousse


  • In a blender or mixer, add 1 box of condensed milk (you can also beat by hand with a whisk);
  • Add 2 boxes of cream;
  • Add 100 to 200 ml of lemon juice;
  • Beat for 3 minutes;
  • Transfer to a refractory;
  • Place in the fridge for 2 hours;
  • Add zest of lemon zest to decorate the mousse;
  • Your lemon mousse is ready!Lemon mousse

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