I don't remember where or when I first read about Lilys, but it said something like 'Kurt Heasley is the nice version of Kevin Shields'. I don't know if it's true, but the first song I heard by them was “Ginger” and, if it didn't blow my brains out like, I don't know, “Sueisfine”, it left me just as in love. And passion is what moves us, right?

The aforementioned track came to me recorded on a cassette, and only much later did I put my hands and ears to it. In the presence of nothing, the debut album by Heasley and co. released in 1992. But wait, something is wrong: “Ginger” is not on this album, so it was a long time before I discovered that it opens A brief history of amazing letdowns, which is an EP from 1994, meaning it came out after Lilys' debut. And then it was another effort to get a tape with the record recorded. Well, young padawan, things were like that in the 90's…

Anyway, digressions aside, this 5-song EP is still my favorite work by the band and one of my favorites in the huge crop of great contemporary albums. Distorted and melodic in exact proportions, it's more like a Pavement less crooked or Guided By Voices in its poppier moments than the sea of ​​shoegaze effects, but comparisons are unnecessary when listening to its 05 songs.

Discover or rediscover this little treasure ❤

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