An album made up of raw songs, absolutely lo-fi, so simple that it borders on crude and that presents nothing new. And so What we did (2009-2012), my favorite album of my life in the last week, and the author of this sound artifact is a Canadian called Josh McIntyre. Or Little Girls, as it was known at the time (just over ten years ago). Or Prince Josh, his current pseudonym.

I discovered the guy some time ago in the same way I discover a lot of things in this stupid life of mine, by reading. It all started when I received a notification from Hand Drawn Dracula – an indie label based in Toronto – about the release of Moth, new album by a certain Prince Josh; Driven by the eternal hunger for music, I went to check it out, I liked some of the tracks and decided to find out more about the producer (it’s an electronic music album, varying between trip-hop, breaks and pop). I arrived at his previous work, The joy, which I liked more, so I continued researching and learned that before being a prince, the boy Josh went by the nickname Little Girls. And here we are.

Before delving into beats, samples, synthesizers, remixes and the like, the guy’s thing was post-punk, surf music, electronic drums and distortions. As I said at the beginning of this short text, Josh McIntyre’s music while Little Girls is nothing innovative nor will it change artistic paradigms or even anyone’s existence (ok, maybe it has changed and I don’t know), but at least for me if made it impossible to press play on What we did – which compiles EVERYTHING he has recorded and released – and not let his 20 songs flow while the body shakes to the sound of “Tambourine”, “Salt swimmers” or the dark “Last call” and “ Gathering” (the only track where he plays with a band).

It will remind you of a lot of things (even Legião Urbana, listen to “Concepts” and confirm), but a lot of other bad things that also remind you of other things (lol) are circulating around today as ‘alternative darlings’, so if it’s for sound like your influences, at least it’s badass. And this record is!

Listen to the stalk!


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