The second season of Lol 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video and we are sure that you too have watched it right away. For those who have not yet succeeded, we absolutely recommend it.

After the success of the first season that saw Ciro Priello triumph, this time too the format is the same but with 10 new hilarious characters.

From the champion Mago Forrest to the legend of Italian comedy, Corrado Guzzanti. At the helm we find again Fedez, this time flanked by Frank Matano and from one special guest: our beloved Lillo!

Ready to discover with us everything related to the second season of Lol? Let’s begin.

The protagonists of the new season of Lol

Ten are the protagonists of the new season of Lol; different comedians and artists whose combination manages to make this second season hilarious too.

In the cast of Lol 2 there are:

  • Virginia Raffaele
  • Corrado Guzzanti
  • Wizard Forrest
  • Diana Del Bufalo
  • Maccio Capatonda
  • Tess Masazza
  • Maria Di Biase
  • Alice Mangione
  • Gianmarco Pozzoli
  • Max Angioni

How it works Lol – whoever laughs is out

As the first season taught us, the rule on which LOL is based is that of do not laugh. As simple as it may seem for those unfamiliar with the game, trying your hand at it is really complicated, especially in the presence of real laughter champions. Everyone must actively participate in the game of duration of 6 hours, lend themselves in sketches, perform and propose their best numbers of comedy. At the same time, they must be careful not to laugh themselves, not even with a grimace of expression to be kept absolutely under control, under penalty of a warning and then elimination from the game.

Lol 2 review – who laughs is out

Proposing a second season of Lol after the enormous success of the first was really difficult but overall they liked this too, although some improvements would have made a difference.

In the cast appear real masters of comedy who met all the expectations of the public such as Corrado Guzzanti, Virginia Raffaele and Maccio Capatonda who staged their best performances that we enjoyed from home with big laughs, as well as Fedez and Frank Matano, who took the place of Mara Maionchi .

Excellent proof of comedy also for the young man Max Angioni who tried with great enthusiasm and attention to keep up with others. A little less at ease for the public instead Diana Del Bufalo and Tess Masazza from whom perhaps more was expected but their veiled shyness in a particular context in which they had to work alongside the greats of the trade is understandable.

Big laughs also with Maria Di Biase and with the couple Alice Mangione and Gianmarco Pozzoli. Hilarious instead Mago Forrest, difficult to resist his numbers and irony as with the famous photography.

Particular note deserves Lillo, yes, one of the most beloved protagonists of the first season that we find as a weapon of laughter, for someone cutting and definitive. We loved Lillo in Lol 1 and it is still difficult not to think of him today but as much as it was nice to see him again in the context as a special guest, calling him often to make him intervene, perhaps he could also be avoided and this left little room for some competitors whose sketches they seemed limited in some facet.

Summing up this second season, we can say that it does not beat the continuous laughter that we viewers have had with the first season but it has nevertheless obtained an excellent result. We will not spoil the winner of the second season, but I think we all agree that it was a SUFFERING victory UNTIL THE LAST SECOND (did we understand each other?) But deserved. A hilarious face to face. To conclude, let’s go over with you the funniest scenes of Lol 2.

The funniest scenes of Lol 2

Friends of Movie Blog we end our review with some of the funniest scenes from the second season of Lol 2. Enjoy.

  1. Virginia Raffaele with Marina Abramovic

2. Corrado Guzzanti with Vulvia

3. Corrado Guzzanti with the séance


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