A couple desperate to have a baby enter a clinic that guarantees results thanks to a cutting-edge technique. However, after the first few days when everything seems perfect, they begin to realize that they are part of a terrible experiment, and that by that time there is no way to escape, turning their dream of having a family into a true one. nightmare.

The Institute is the most recent film by the young director Hamza Zaman, who on this occasion experiments with one of the most horrifying forms of terror, and that is the atrocities caused by human beings. In fact, the director gives himself the opportunity to act within his own film, giving the story a personal touch.

One of the aspects that is perhaps most disturbing is the complete certainty of the director of the institute that everything he does is fully justified, and that those involved do not really understand the nature of his genius. If we are honest, it is the old cliché of the mad scientist, but knowing how to use it, it is still very effective, and Zaman knows how to get a lot out of it.

Although it has already been confirmed that the film will be released this year, there is no definite date yet.

Source: https://cine3.com/the-institute-convirtiendo-las-esperanzas-en-terror/

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