After the success of the first two editions, Lol will be back to make us laugh in 2023 exclusively on Prime Video. The format will always be the same but new competitors will animate the episodes with gags. Let’s find out together.

The new competitors of Lol 3

After so many rumors and guesses, the new competitors of the third edition of Lol – Who laughs is out have finally been unveiled by Prime Video.

To make us laugh and their opponents will be Luca Bizzarri e Paolo Kessisoglu that we know as a comic duo but this time we will see each other as single competitors, Nino Frassica whose presence had been clamored by the Italians, Fabio Balsamo member of The Jackal, Cristiano Caccamo, Herbert Ballerina, Paolo Cevoli, Marta Filippi, Brenda Lodigiani and the fantastic Marina Massironi.

To observe them for six consecutive hours, during which they will try to make their opponents laugh by desisting themselves from laughter. they will be there once again Fedez and Frank Matano. Up for grabs the prize money to be donated to a charity chosen by the winner.

After the victory of Ciro of The Jackal in the first edition and of Maccio Capatonda in the second, who will triumph in the third?

We just have to wait until 2023 to find out. In the meantime, don’t miss the Christmas special with the most loved competitors from the first two editions. Lol Xmas Special on December 19th on Prime Video.


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