Between 1987 and 1990 Loop released three essential albums in the B-side rock universe, the first being, Heaven’s end, one of the cornerstones of shoegaze and one of the most cathartic, loud and disgracefully chaotic works ever. After that, the band broke up. The end? No…

Cut to 2013, when Robert Hampson, John Wills, Neil MacKay and Scott Dawson got together to play All Tomorrow’s Parties. From then on, they continued to play shows, including an edition of Primavera Sound, and in 2015 they gave the world the first record in 25 years, the EP Array 1. In 2018, they deafened the audience at the Meltdown Festival, and already duly restored and with a new line up, they delivered to the world in March of this 2022 their first full album in 32 years.

Sonancy is the updated version of the Loop from 3 decades ago, the continuation of what Hampson has always done and will probably continue to do while wielding a guitar and a microphone. Minimalism, noise, hypnotic repetition, Suicide and Kraut, psychedelia and post-punk, shoegaze and space rock, all cooked in a cauldron of distortion and processing.

Obviously those who have already heard the aforementioned Heaven’s end and its two successors will see greater clarity in the 10 songs on this album; in a low definition, it’s as if part of the chaos of the past was dissipated making it possible now to ‘see’ Loop’s music. But don’t expect anything close to words like crystalline or aseptic, the scolding here remains violent and not recommended for indie kids.

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