With a month since its exhibition in theaters around the world, the fourth solo film of the god of thunder, Thor: Love and Thunder of Taika Waititi and the Marvel Studios and Disney studios, continues to perform well at the box office.

At the moment, Love and Thunder accumulates $318.3 million dollars in domestic box office, $386.5 million dollars in international box office, and $704. $8 million in the global box office (with figures from Box Office Mojo).

In terms of critical reception, the film garners a lot of mixed reviews, with many commentators noting that Waititi’s script relies too heavily on the comedic aspects, impacting the development of the story which, according to their observations, It could have been better developed and used. In Rotten Tomatoes it has an approval rating of 65% with more than 400 critics accounted for, and 77% by the audience.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), returns from retirement to battle a new villain, Gorr the God Butcher, played by Oscar winner, Christian Bale, making his debut in the MCU. Alongside Thor they fight Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and the reconstructed Mjolnir, King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson); Korg (Waititi); los Guardians of the Galaxy made up of Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillanand the voices of Bradley Cooper y Vin Diesel as Rocket, and Groot, respectively; and some… giant goats.

in the cast of Love and Thunder are also found Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif, and Russell Crowe like the god Zeus.

The script of Love and Thunder was carried out by Waititi and Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Someone Great, Unpregnant).


“The film finds Thor (Hemsworth) on a journey unlike anything he has ever faced: a search for inner peace. But his retreat is interrupted by a galactic assassin known as Gorr the God Butcher (Bale), who seeks the extinction of the gods. To combat the threat, Thor enlists the help of the Valkyrie Queen (Thompson), Korg (Waititi), and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Portman), who, to Thor’s surprise, inexplicably wields his magical hammer, Mjölnir, as the Mighty Thor. . Together, they embark on a harrowing cosmic adventure to unravel the mystery of the Butcher God’s revenge and stop him before it’s too late.”

Source: https://cine3.com/thor-love-and-thunder-supera-los-700-mdd-en-la-box-office-global/

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