Oh, Lydia Eisenblätter is having a great time right now – last week the label of the legendary Offenbach club Robert Johnson released a new EP of hers. With four power house tracks.

It wasn’t that long ago that Lydia Eisenblätter launched her own label [OAM] released a new EP on vinyl. Now four more tracks follow on Live At Robert Johnson. The label is pleased that Lydia is now part of the label family and that they were not able to release the tracks from their “Recovery” EP at home.

They fit in well there too. Lydia Eisenblätter turns up her already not low level for US-inspired Classic Power House even more. With pumping bass drums, whipping hi-hats, pushing chords and strong moments of euphoria, the tracks once again reveal great floor hit potential. Including soulful vocal samples that always slide very close to the kitsch trap, but with a Gus-Gus fan glasses they still open up completely.

But my hit here is “Eclipse” – a track without vocals, which comes along much more hidden and darker, but dares to come out of cover with researchy synths and lets the peak time boil up. The track is held together by a heavy, reduced-funky bassline. And it’s a good antidote to the happy house vibes.

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/40547/lydia-eisenblaetter-recovery-live-at-robert-johnson

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