Between 1978 and 1980 the seminal Manchester Quintet Magazine it passed no less than 4 times through the BBC studios, or better, 4 times through the master John Peel’s program transmitted by the British state-owned company.

On February 14th and July 24th 1978, May 8th 79th and January 7th 1980 Howard Devoto and co. played there songs from their wonderful first three albums, as well as singles and versions of Buzzcocks (dã), Captain Beefheart e Sly and The Family Stone🇧🇷 And in 2008 Virgin compiled the 15 tracks for their series Complete Peel Sessions.

Here the glittery punk and post-punk of the glam era that so influenced Magazine speaks loudly, of course (the intro to “Boredom” is anything), as does the funk groove that rocked everyone at that time (“Give me everything” and “Twenty years ago” attest), and this is the borogodó of the guys. You tap your ears and figure out who’s playing.

Anytime like this we’ll come back with more Magazine and more Peel sessions. For now turn up the volume, hit play on “Touch and go” and be happy. By the way, could it be that the name of the fanzine founded by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson in 1979 and which would later become the Touch & Go label came from there? Here’s the homework…

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