From February 1st on Rai Playthe first six episodes of Mare Fuori 4 are available. All the fans have already recovered them and last night through a Tik Tok on Dominic Cuomo (Cardiotrap of our heart) have discovered that the episodes on Raiplay are available from midnight today.

And these will be 8 not 6. We are devastated. This is very promising, because it can only mean that they need more time to explain some things to us (Ciro Ricci among all). But what should we expect? Will Carmine stop speaking in aphorisms? Crazy J in the moment of him “Tamara goes Dark” will continue his singing career? Will Pino finally receive joy, since only he truly deserves it?

Today we want to talk to you open-heartedly, trying to understand if we liked these first six episodes and if we could have done better.


Sea Outside 4: the drama of Carmine and Rosa

Overlooking the unbridgeable lack of Filippo (Nicolas Maupas) and Naditza (Valentina Romani)not present because ultimately their storyline is concluded, in the first part of Sea Outside 4, let's immediately go back inside the IPM. Here we are told that Don Salvatore Ricci (Source) he ended up in hospital due to a gunshot wound. We soon learn that it is Rosa Ricci (Maria Esposito)struck the blow in defense of his beloved Carmine (Massimiliano Caiazzo).

And it is precisely with this synopsis that the romance begins drama between Rosa and Carmine. Rosa Ricci is going through the most difficult period of her life. Left without any close family member to protect her, Edoardo remains, who, yes, recovered after 3 gunshots (however Ciro with a screwdriver stuck in his spleen, obviously left to put pressure on the wound, which is the first rule for saving himself, dies…). Nothing against Edoardo Conte, let's specify, also because thank goodness Matteo Paolillo still knows how to act.

Soon, however, Rosa relies on none other than Cucciolo (Francesco Panarella), also taken to make Carmine jealous, whose family he blames for his father's death. And it is here that the dancer and the cursed poet in Carmine will leave, who between pirouettes and flying kisses does not let Rosa survive even for a second. Poor Massimiliano, forced to shoot certain scenes that don't fit his acting potential at all.

Yes, even if the issues addressed are even deeper, Mare Fuori has bowed to the fandom of That of the 2000s.

Not the triangle! But yes we had considered it!

Edoardo Teresa and Carmela how it ends

We know it by now, after 4 seasons we have understood that Edoardo Conte he is not a one-woman “man”. Even if his love for Carmela is evident, he feels tied to that figure of husband and father, so much so that he prefers IPM. And here there is nothing to say, because one of the most beautiful messages sent by the series is precisely that of the feeling of security felt by the boys once inside, so much so that it led Edoardo to run towards the IPM on the verge of death, his family.

Love is there, it's true, but he's the classic man who can't be faithful when he sees a beautiful girl. If in previous seasons some people “shipped” with Teresa, it was thanks to her affectionate and passionate side, something that didn't exist with Carmela. With her we only saw the desire to “let off steam” at the first free exit imposed by the commander. Now that no longer exists, there is only Edward who wants to conquer the streets at the expense of everything, even his friends.

Then the problem also lies in the involution of Teresa's character who from a woman of character, denigrating the role of lover, passes to that “bitch” – thanks to the look taken in detail after the meeting with Carmela in the hospital – not caring about become one. Could it be that she falls onto that bed like in any episode of “The Lady” by Lory Del Santo? Or that act that Matias blinds in front of Patty-Cleopatra if he doesn't wear glasses, really move? Or again, that one facial expression that he proudly carries forward? Well yes, the fact is that everything goes through it.

Mare Fuori 4: opinions and performances

sea ​​outside 4 alina

There are many opinions on Mare Fuori 4, but they all seem to come to one conclusion: “Mare Fuori 4 is cringe”. However, we want to analyze the situation carefully.

In fact, there are two or three noteworthy performances:

  • Cucciolo and Micciarella's mother: Tea Falco she gives us an excellent interpretation of a toxic mother, always looking for drugs to the detriment of the good of her children. The images are strong, the photography here is well thought out, the screams of desperation come straight at you like a stab in the stomach. Nothing to say, passed with flying colors. Not to mention little Micciarella, fabulously good and with a brilliant career ahead of him.
  • Consuelo: Also Desiree Popper brings an applause-worthy performance to the stage. Every woman will have felt bad seeing those scenes, especially after the reaction she got from Consuelo. Fitting the role perfectly, Desirèe takes on a delicate and discussed topic: no longer wanting to talk about our executioner. The emotion, annoyance, anger, but also anguish, anxiety and fear come directly thanks to his performance. We remain there, as always, helpless.
  • Carmela, Pino and Cardiotrap: even if the latter literally has 5 minutes of scene clips, he always remains one of the few on the piece, also because our dear Dominic Cuomo it's a promise, it proves it “A Professor 2”. Too bad only Clara in Sanremo, “Mai na joy Cardio, we feel you”. Carmela on the other hand, she is the example of how to act with feeling, motivation and above all believing in it. Finally Pino, the only character protagonist of an evolution, does the same: he believes in it and doesn't use that one facial expression all the time.

Less applause performance

Among the moments that “cried” us the most, however, there are the following:

  • Alfredo D'angelo, Gisella, and Crazy J: Leaving aside the fact that the characters go to bed together fully clothed, without the slightest care on the part of the cameramen to hide it, we believe the lawyer's performance with Gisella in bed will go down in history as the most fake, funniest and at the time very vomiting at all. What can I say for Crazy J? The story is that of “revenge porn”, a delicate and unfortunately very common theme. In fact, we appreciate the willingness to talk about it and to do it in a thoughtful, thoughtful and touching way, but Clara Soccini's performance in this case is not credible. Unfortunately, the first impression after detaching oneself from the closeness and the bitter sadness one feels, is that of an insufficient performance to say the least, worthy, we repeat, of “Tamara Becomes Dark” on “Patito Feo”. But if Giulia is to be forgotten, at least Clara arrived on the Sanremo stage thanks to Cardio, and it was immediately “O chiattiiiiiiii chann fottut o pieeeeeeeeezz!”

Cardiotrap sanremo clara

All performances suitable for the “Razzy Awards”, together with Teresa and Rosa Ricci (if we had doubts that she didn't know how to act in the third season, now we have confirmation). Or maybe even the Razzy Awards would consider them too poor?

  • Silvia: we are not going to judge Clotilde Esposito's performance here: simple and adequate. The problem is precisely the character, who is duped several times by whom? Indeed, from what? YES, only and exclusively from money. And this is where we get angry. This is the synopsis of his storyline: Money, drugs in the trunk, prison, money again, he discovers it but it's okay because the lawyer waves it in his face, he gets fooled again by discovering that he is a lover, the lawyer dies and now it seems she did it. Silvia deserves better than to be portrayed as a careerist.

From Tik Tok to Mare Fuori 4: the Carmine Guadagno case

carmine profit cameo sea outside 4

So what will we remember from this first part of the season? Apart from the positive sides, certainly the appearance of Carmine Guadagno as a greengrocer (if you don't understand what we're talking about, here's Carmine's scene in Mare Fuori 4). The scene lasts a little or more than a minute, but that “Oh, are you crazy?” by Carmine to Crazy J, with that verve, contains the whole meaning of our review. Carmine, you are the example that we can manifest something if we want!

Mare Fuori 4: Ciro Ricci is (in our opinion) alive!

ciro ricci alive

What can I say guys, we don't know what to expect from these eight episodes, but if you want a prediction we'll give it to you like this: the Ricci money is in Ciro Ricci's tombwho is not dead (which makes sense given that a screwdriver hurts less than 3 gunshots) and is with his mother hidden somewhere.

Think about it, in the flashbacks we see that Ciro was the closest to his mother, as evidenced by the final farewell when she is taken away. Precisely for this reason we also think it was he who left the handle to Edoardo!

Mare Fuori 4 part 2: previews

Without going around too much, according to the previews reported on the Web, in the second part we will see two very VM14 scenes, one between Rosa and Carmine (but never let them give us SIMUEL LIVE RAI…), a new unexpected love will probably explode between two educators and an epilogue will close the love triangle Edoardo, Carmela, Teresa (if we think about what Edoardo was about to do with Teresa's photo we can imagine it).

Nothing to add, just to wait, we poor unfortunates, for the end of the working day to enjoy these eight episodes, just as the director Ivan Silvestrini recommended.

“Don't binge watch, enjoy the critical moments”

Otherwise, advise us poor common mortals to uninstall any social network. We decided not to watch Tik Tok. And you ?


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