MEN IN TUTUS:  Les Ballet Eloelle

MEN IN TUTUS: Les Ballet Eloelle

From the thrilling pirouettes of the male dancers (in male and female costumes) with brilliant choreography to the side splitting humour, LES BALLETS ELOELLE new show ‘Men in Tutus’ is a show designed for the young and old. The greatest troupe of its kind around the globe; Les Ballet Ballet’s Elolle features over fifty ballets in its repertoire and an array of the best international professional male ballet dancers from thirteen nations. These fine-looking and gorgeous soloists have executed with celebrated ballet companies including New York Ballet, The American Ballet Theatre, the prestigious Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, The Royal Swedish Ballet, Berlin State Opera Ballet, English National Ballet, Joffrey Ballet and Hong Kong Ballet. The New York-based company is led by creative director and lead dancer Victor Trevino who was artistic director and lead dancer in 2007 with the hugely successful Australian and New Zealand tour of ‘Men in Tutus’. Les Ballet’s Elolle ‘Men in Tutus’ personifies the element parody of both classic and present-day ballet. The combining of magnificent dance proficiency, bantering and clamorous witness with designed mannerisms, dance misadventures and naturally outrageous hissy fits by gentlemen act, and in reality appear like beautiful ladies, although others are furry chested adult males with flap-cake make-up but all stylish in tights and tutus, and dancing on perfect pointe. ‘Men in Tutus’ produces bang-up amusement and LOL ‘laugh out loud’ family entertainment for all. Be truly amazed.
“Artistically brilliant, absolutely hilarious” – New York Post
“Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant” – New York Daily Times
“It is not a drag show, but a brilliant artistic and comical send up of the world of dance” – USA Today

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